The world's leading centralized lubrication solution brand

网上彩票购买In Germany, the establishment of the United States, the establishment of Lubricating Equipment Research Institute; in India, the planning of the Austrian concentrated concentration of foreign production base in China, Ott set up the first intelligent lubrication academician workstation ......

Reduce equipment failure and improve operational efficiency

In the field of wind power, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, port and other areas, special focus to help customers reduce 50% of equipment failure, to extend the service life of 60% of the parts, reduce 95% manual lubrication time, reduce 70% grease costs, Operational efficiency, creating greater value for customers!

Covering the global marketing network

Covering the global marketing network

网上彩票购买We are committed to open up the global market, in China and Germany, respectively, to establish a branch and lubrication research center, in India, the Philippines, South Africa, respectively, with offices, special concentrated lubricants products exported to Germany, the United States, Australia, Russia......

Careless service throughout the worry

Regardless of the training and guidance of personnel, or product commissioning and installation, regardless of the operation of the equipment problems, or pre-purchase doubts, even if you use other brands in the process of encounter problems 。。。 。。。 Aote service staff will be 24 hours Within the solution to your problem。。。。。。

Quality cast trust

Whether in the field of wind power, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, port and other fields, Zhengzhou Autol Technology Co。, Ltd。 has long been applied in the field of leading brands, we use their own quality and service to help enterprises to enhance their efficiency and achieve brand value, So that enterprises to excellence!

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